Reduce swelling and increase circulation with NormaTec’s patented dynamic compression technology.

Who: Anyone who desires to recover more quickly and avoid the negative effects of physical activity will benefit, whether you are an avid athlete, sore from long hours on the job, or experiencing circulatory issues.

What: Similar to a massage, each segment of the Normatec attachment will first compress in a pulsing manner and then release. By using air pressure to mimic the human body’s natural muscle movements and contractions during strenuous activity, it will boost blood flow and reduce pain and soreness.

When: A NormaTec session is always beneficial, whether in between workouts to recharge your muscle tissue or after an intense event to speed up your healing.

Why: NormaTec’s compression therapy will enhance circulation, relieve muscle soreness, increase mobility, reduce inflammation, promote relaxation, and ultimately help you recover faster and stronger.

Where: This service is available at our office in 30 or 60 minute increments. Call today to book your NormaTec session!

Did you know: 97% of pro teams, as well as Olympic and elite athletes, use NormaTec for rehab and recovery!